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Here at HighCreek we raise Mini Nubian goats. Our goats produce way more milk than the kids and us can use. Which is why we can make the best goat milk soap to enjoy and sell.

I saw goats. A party can’t be all bad when you have goats,” Lucy said

Mary Jane Hathaway

Heather started making soap to help her future husband deal with Winter skin dryness. Her soap was a hit and Patrick has not touched factory soap since.

Inspired by the pregnancy of a niece who had an affinity for all things hippy. Patrick and Heather taught themselves how to do tie dye, to make a special quilt for the newborn. Heather and Patrick discovered a love for dying fabrics and started selling tie dye at farmers markets.

HighCreek is one of Patrick's favorite places to go for a day hike. He was refreshed and inspired by the mountains, wildlife, and abundant wild flowers.

We have combined our soap and tie dye business into HighCreek. Odd combination? Maybe, but it works for us. Right now you will find our soaps online. Stop by a farmers market for our shirts, or if your not in the area feel free to contact us.

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